NEVERALONECLUB.ORG does not charge its members -- or the groups who make use of its public IRC network -- any dues or fees. However, we do have modest expenses for providing you with this service.

Our tech expenses are approximately $50-$105 a month , this includes hosting four servers, a number of subscriptions to drone/tor/VPN blacklists ( and, annual compliance paperwork, registered agent service, SSL certificates, and our PO Box.

Welcoming and encouraging our newcomers is the most important job to be done here, we need you more than we need your money.

We have cancelled paypal, just on account of being multi-jurisdictional (the site is run from multiple countries and hosted in multiple countries, and I'm not in the mood for US politicians who steal billions of dollars from us, to go "hey so where did you get that $600." So we do not solicit donations anymore.

If you use crypto, yes, we have two wallets you can donate to.

If you are not tech savvy, its fine. We will leave the lights on for you. Our website is free.


Etherium: 0xc5340133e7194e35a1dd8711c2b693d9755e989b

BITCOIN: bc1qgaud2j07ktxwcsujh482ax4k2rmlh8f5xzm9hn

MONERO: 88aS46JXJSGNAFW2bwgsoXBCzSX5qM2hLeKuAQkBLoDcJynmCx34Am2gJctb1kf9cbXm9bPkLaXuTCfmjq9vLNYUCiZ6KuF

If you don't know anything whatsoever about crypto and want to "donate" what amounts to ... basically pennies ... for us, you can run a "crypto miner" during a meeting by visiting the following link and consider that your "nickel in the basket."

You will see a green button that says "Web mining 6H/s" under the "3 Workers" , and that "means its working." We will never "hide this somewhere on our page" or ask you to download software, it stops doing this when you close that window. If a couple people did this during our meetings , it literally would be like "a couple people throwing a few cents in the basket" without sending us a penny. Rob/FM has repurposed two of our old servers to do some web mining during "peak solar hours", it doesn't completely pay the bills but it helps.

The worker named "web_miner" is people like you using that link to make a small contribution (thank you!). Full transparency, click on the pulldown for "Per Year" and we're lucky if that's going to be $5.00 a year but that's $5 more a year than we were getting.

It's unorthodox but , unlike paypal, it is truly a 100% anonymous donation we can't track and we have no idea where it came from. "The whole class can see" how much it earns. We do not anticipate this becoming a "problem of money, property, or prestige" and if it ever does, we will start paying volunteers or whatever the hell it takes to make us an even better website.

We have been promised a donation of some slightly faster Xeon servers -- they are just so heavy and big Rob has to go grab them in person and he's probably going to have to pay some customs duties on those. It takes several months to raise an approximate $176 (as of the current time) to go towards our bills. Please ask CC in a private message if you are American and want to send her Paypal instead. "The website" no longer has a Paypal.

Never Alone Alano Club Corporation has no affiliation whatsoever with AA, NA, or any other recovery group. We provide a free server, chatroom and bot to the "NA" group, and we are just as happy to provide the same , free of charge, to any other emotional support/recovery group that "wants what we have."

-Rob Grodevant, "Officer in Name Only," Never Alone Alano Club Corporation (NAAC): a Wisconsin Not for Profit Corporation. NAAC has absolutely no affiliation with the "na chatroom" but we have LOTS of invoices to pay to keep the lights on.

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