"NA focused chatroom"

NA Chatroom is a place for addicts seeking recovery from drug addiction to meet other addicts and get help. We offer online meetings as well as a chatroom that is open 24 hours a day. Our meetings are held in chat, no microphone or camera are necessary.

The default chatroom does not require registration, a login, or a password. You can chat here anonymously. Registration is OPTIONAL but allows visitors to private message one another or use a Progressive Web / Mobile App that doesn't kick you off while you do other things on your phone. See for more info.

Meeting Format

9:00 PM (EST) Daily: NA Open Discussion

11:59 PM (EST) Friday Nights Only.

Addiction and loneliness affect us 24 hours a day and NEVER take a day off. So our chat room is open 24 hours a day, too.

We are recovering drug addicts from all over the world. We have been saved from the horror of active addiction through the simple, spiritual (not religious) program of Narcotics Anonymous, and now we seek to carry the NA message to the addict who still suffers.

NA meetings and real life support networks are important. We encourage all addicts to go to face to face meetings, however, there are often gaps in these real-life systems. This is why we're here. All seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs are welcome.

Many of us can relate to the terrible feelings of loneliness and emptiness that haunt the addict with nowhere to turn for support, up late at night, or isolated emotionally or physically from his or her fellows.

In addition to reaching out to the newcomer, we reinforce each others recovery as we chat and host online meetings. We invite any addict, whether clean one minute or one decade, to join us.

"Our gratitude speaks when we care and when we share with others the NA way."

We have no opinion on ANY other issue than "what would you like to do about your drug problem? How can we help?"

We will be happy to help you find a meeting or answer any questions you have about where to begin your journey. Please stick around and welcome and encourage newcomers seeking support or assistance.

If you are experienced, please be kind to those who are NOT, this may be their first exposure to recovery and you may be the first kind word a brand new visitor has heard in a long time.

Our website and/or the NA Chatroom are intended for those who identify as addicts, have a desire to stop using, and/or wonder if they may have a problem. We have no opinion on any outside issue, including problems other than alcohol or drugs.

Socialization is welcome here, it does not have to be "serious" or 24/7 recovery talk here but our room is closed to addicts only. We don't allow glorification of drugs or graphic descriptions of ways and means of using them here. If you are seeking help for a friend or a loved one, or support with an issue or addiction other than drugs and alcohol please visit our Resources page at:

We want you to find a group where you feel comfortable being your authentic self, and/or hear a message that inspires you to get or stay clean and sober or deal with life on life's terms in other ways than we some of us have coped with it in the past.
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