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For those who've come a long way and have a long way to go:

Neveraloneclub.org is a public IRC network with no "NA" or "12 step" affiliation, which provides an online meeting space for recovery, self-help, and support groups. Other groups may use our free public IRC network (contact us!) provided that their group's purpose is for recovery, self-help, and/or peer support; and that they provide their own website, staff it with their own volunteers. Twelve step or "AA/NA" etc affiliation is not a requirement. Groups here are expected to be fully autonomous, deal with their own problems as they arise, and to keep those problems out of our other groups channels.

NACHATROOM.ORG (est 2006) is the result of a merger with NA-CHAT.ORG (est 2014). So yes, it's "kind of" the same group and chat some of you have known about for a long time now. We were founded by a bunch of people who came from NABCG and/or NARECOVERYCHAT. Some of you have been visiting us, regardless of what our group was named or where it has been hosted , for 10-20+ years. We understand that some people arrive and excited to find out this thing is even still here and want to know whatever happened to old friends. But please be respectful of the fact that we are a new "trusted servants" team and it's not really our business to answer some of those questions. We've lost some people, others have passed on, in other cases "we have no idea" but anonymity is anonymity. As with any NA meeting or group: When you leave here, who you see here, what you hear here, please let it stay here.

You can welcome and encourage our visitors whether you have a day clean or a decade clean. Our expenses are reasonably low and we don't ask for donations. We need your experience. We need your precious time. We need your hope. And we need your help welcoming and encouraging addicts seeking help more than we need your money.

In accordance with Tradition Four, our group is fully autonomous and these are OUR guidelines:

NA Chatroom is a place for addicts seeking recovery from drug addiction to meet other addicts and get help. We are recovering drug addicts from all over the world. We have been saved from the horror of active addiction through the simple, spiritual (not religious) program of Narcotics Anonymous, and now we seek to carry the NA message to the addict who still suffers.

The internet is the 12th step call of the 21st century. We try to answer that call here by providing a place where addicts reaching out for help can come for support and guidance. NA meetings and real life support networks are important, and we encourage all addicts to go to face to face meetings, however, there are often gaps in these real-life systems.

We seek to fill those gaps. Many of us can relate to the terrible feelings of loneliness and emptiness that haunt the addict with nowhere to turn for support, up late at night, or isolated emotionally or physically from his or her fellows.

Our dream is that, as the internet becomes more and more universal, no addict will ever have to suffer through those feelings again.

In addition to reaching out to the newcomer, we reinforce each others recovery as we chat and host online meetings. We invite any addict, whether clean one minute or one decade, to join us.

"Our gratitude speaks when we care and when we share with others the NA way."

If there is a disruption in the chatroom and you need to get a moderator's attention, please type !report

The chat room is open 24/7. Online meetings are held every day at 9:00 pm est time; and on Fridays at 11:59pm est time.

Our Narcotics Anonymous online meetings follow the standard format of basically any live face to face meetings with a meeting chair, readings, topics, and sharing by turn. Meetings are held in the same room as chat, no need to sign into a separate room.

Chat Rules/Guidelines

We have a few guidelines to follow so we can try and make this site as comfortable for everyone as possible.

Enforcement is .. up to the discretion of the moderator(s) currently on duty. We are human, with finite patience. We are well aware that "selective enforcement" isn't consistent and that it isn't always fair. Or that one moderator might be able to take a raunchy joke, while another might ask you to tone it down. In our experience, it is much worse for a group's moderators to be staunch, inflexible, unyielding, unforgiving , and totally rigid about their so-called "rules." Is it important? Is it disrupting the group? Is the group complaining, or did they find your joke funny too? Can you make an adult or borderline inappropriate joke and stop there, or do you feel a need to .. escalate it, be an edgelord, test our boundaries, or get stuck on sexual innuendo/talk?

We have a need for staff and volunteers who can exercise their discretion and judgement responsibly. And yes, discretionary, can at times mean "selective."

There will be times that a newcomer here to say "Help me, I am going to die if I dont stop using" is far more important than chatter about sex and food and football or someone who feels a need to indulge in complaints about our group or our site or our staff , or personal vendettas and disagreements amongst themselves. We are going to let you know when our patience is wearing thin or it is time to change the subject. Addicts hate being told what to do. We hate censorship. But we are here to remind people when the room has strayed too far from the desired atmosphere of recovery or that the newcomer in need of help is being ignored by off-topic chatter.

All Groups:

"Tradition three" does not apply to neveraloneclub.org, however we have NO interest in lectures from the public about how well we follow "steps" or "traditions" if you behave like this in our meetings.

In Open Chat:

During A Meeting:

Some Quotes About Community

"It's not a matter of whether or not addicts know how to save their lives. The question is, whether they know that their lives are worth saving." -- Unknown

"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not take away the perfume of the violet or the delightful simplicity of the daisy. I understand that if all flowers wanted to be roses, nature would lose her springtime beauty, and the fields would no longer be decked out with little wild flowers. " -- St Therese

"I can only look at the seemingly limited space under the tent and think either it's my job to change people so they fit or it's my job to extend the roof so that they fit. Either way, it's misguided because it's not my tent. It's God's tent." -- Nadia Bolz-Weber, Pastrix


You asked me what family is
And I think of family as community
I think of the spaces where you don't have to shrink yourself
Where you don't have to pretend or to perform
You can fully show up and be vulnerable
And in silence, completely empty and
That's completely enough
You show up, as you are, without judgment, without ridicule
Without fear or violence, or policing, or containment
And you can be there and you're filled all the way up
We get to choose our families
We are not limited by biology
We get to make ourselves
And we get to make our family

Janet Mock

You can contact us via webmaster (at) , or at https://twitter.com/nachatroom

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