"I don't know what crawled up robs ass!"

Well, here's the latest installment in Voicemails from Stan. Two of them!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is not how recovery is supposed to work."




OMG he did the "I have no idea what's going on" thing again.  I'm #dead , lol IRL.

"I am so freaking confused!"


"I wasn't doing NOTHING! I was just running my site peacefully!"

Uh huh. And VaJanis wasn't bragging about how she "owns the name nachat with the government" and "can sue" anyone who uses "nachat" in their name ... and the other room is closing.


What was your fucking plan for when I was in prison, Einstein?

Uh, cause , you know, you'd kinda ... be in this situation that you're in right now if that happened?




I don't even have an agenda or a point here anymore. At this point I'm just blowing off steam telling you fascist fucking twelve step fucking nazi pieces of shit to go fuck yourselves.

You wanted to harass or intimidate me or fuck up my program so bad I said "fuck NA and fuck you" ?

Congratulations, you won asshole.


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My prediction:

About a month from now they’ll be like “Robert who?”

Sounds good to me. 👍🏻

If you have complaints about nachat.live direct them to Stan. Want his cell phone number? It’s (609) 287-4380 ðŸ˜­

Fuckers never cleared it with me before giving out my phone number or my address.

Is it a private number or something that you don’t want given out? :(

Aw that sucks. :(

Hey I have an idea that’s never been played out to death before!!!!

You could... always.... start a new website and organize a mutiny and attack each other and get everyone to join you. Like we do every year. 😭

It’s the wheel in the sky! 😭

NA sucks. Get a fucking hobby, junkies.

I think that I would like to take up gardening.

Oh and fuck NA World Services, too.

They’re probably busy figuring out how to shove an unwanted Seventh Edition down your throats so everyone can get a new Mercedes. 😭

The whole Board of Trustees can suck my AIDS infected dick.

Steve can, too.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Oh, I am SO not done yet.

This is just "day zero" and these fucking crybabies already shut their server off.

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“He’s a.. he’s a .. ah .. active addict ... looking for attention.“

Why am I in such a good mood?

Because I have the day off from that fucking millstone I've had around my neck for years. LOL.

Just For Today: I don't have to listen to that smartmouth cunt Miranda telling me I'm doing a shit job!

Welp, I'm gone Miranda. Just the way you like it !!!! LOL.

Anyway congratulations to the incoming Trusted Servants. It's a thankless shit job you'll be demonized endlessly for. I'm genuinely surprised that you wanted to relieve me of my duties so badly, but I just can't thank you enough!

Hope you enjoy mitigating terabytes of DDOS traffic at 2:00 in the morning!

What's really fucked up and hilarious is that somewhere out there, right now, there is without a doubt somebody even crazier than you people -- who wants this even more badly than you do -- and will spend the next five or ten or fifteen years terrorizing you to get it!

Death threats, defamation! Being told to overdose and die! WAY TO BE OF SERVICE!

*everyone claps*


This feels better than doing hot rails!!!! I should quit the chatroom every day!

So, uh, I couldn’t think of anything more gay and pestilent than snorting a rail of Stribild and making the stations of the YMCA with a can of butane. Hope that clears that up. 🤷‍♀️

PSA: Don’t try snorting rails of Stribild at home kids. That backdrip will make you puke! 🤢

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Holy Hell, Fucking Kek. I can't take my eyes off of this car wreck.

Real fucking recovery, yo. Stan and Janis haven't said a word.

I don't even know what happened just now but it must be pretty bad because they locked the channel and made it invite only.

What's the matter? You wanted to start having meetings on May 20th and steal our chairs/mods.

You wanted to close our site down and be the only game in town.

You've obsessed over owning the goddamn chatroom for fifteen years.

Hey Gollum! You wanted this so badly that you wanted me in a PRISON CELL to GET IT.

You wanted to toss my reputation under a bus, spread rumors about me and tear me down to get it.

I can't help it, it's so sick and wrong but I just popped a bag of popcorn and I'm eating this shit up.

I, for one, am enjoying the hell out of this. It's even better than MY website! LOL!

Fucking Betsy.... "I'm quaking in my boots living in constant terror , what if Robert snaps and comes out to Massachusetts and RAPES me while I'm buying cat food and TV dinners for One over at Costco?"



Yeah, no, I'm way more creative than that. As I mentioned in my prior post, having you guys run nachatroom.org is literally the most sadistic and evil form of retaliation that my devious little brain could come up with.

It's almost ... as twisted and screwed up as rape!

I have a point to prove: That being, Stan and Janis don’t actually want this. They want to be the underdog and professional victims and cry about how evil I am and how I’m doing everything wrong and my “recovery” is no good and theirs is so much better. And just preoccupy themselves with slinging shit in my general direction in perpetuity.

They just wanna terrorize and threaten and intimidate me endlessly and be sorry fucking losers.

Actually fucking give them the room, and watch: WAIT! NO! THIS ISNT WHAT I MEANT!

Fuck this. Eat my revenge.

Better get that bot ready for the meeting. Who’s chairing? What’s the topic?

Find volunteers to do two of them a day.


It fucking sucks, it consumes your life day after day and year after year. Maybe you fuckers feel really important with Muh Ban Hammer but it’s about as prestigious as being a key holder for Taco Bell. And fuck no, it doesn’t make you hot shit in the rooms or suddenly make you Jesus or Bill Wilson or Mr Recovery overnight. You’ll be doing pretty good if anybody even likes you. 🙄

I ain’t no god damn bleeding deacon.

Come on! Give em some of that TRUE RECOVERY, Stan!

You’re just fucking brimming with it, and now it’s your time to shine. Unless your big fucking mouth is writing checks against your recovery when you’ve got insufficient funds in there.

I'm not ATTACKING your site! I'm PROMOTING your site.  Straight to the top of Google!

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"A safe place to chat about recovery and make friends."

Wew, Vlad, it's only been a few hours and everyone's ranting about Jesus and homos over there.

"A safe place to chat about recovery and make friends."


I'm actually starting to feel kinda good about this.

So, uh, these are the people I've wasted a quarter of my life and what little discretionary income I have on.


You're goddamn right I'm going to sit here and do nothing about this.

Just like you. :)

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I am doing this because Janis contacted me on Facebook offering to fly me out to Connecticut today.

Oh yeah, derp, that sounds like a really fucking smart idea, hur dur hurr.

None of you are going to do shit about them continually scheming to get even with me or have me beaten up or killed or put in a prison cell. So in order to punish them, I'm just going to fucking give them the precious POWER they covet so badly.

Hell to the fuck to the no I am not getting on a plane and meeting anyone from Stan’s website or even my own website or NA in general after all of this. Not now, not ever!

I just forwarded the DNS records for nachatroom.org over to the VPC at nachat.live effective immediately.

Why, you ask?

Because I hate Stan and Janis so god damned much that I want them to suffer as much as I do and become as bitter as I have. I want them to hate NA as much as I do. I want their lives to be a quiet hell, utterly consumed with slavery to "online NA." I want them to battle trolls all fucking day and night long. I want them to be a SLAVE to controversy and resentment and dissent.

I want them to sit there listening to everyone cry about who doesn't like whom.

I want them to answer to group members who are furious about what they've done to me.

I want Stan to be harassed all night and day to fix things or add things or customize things.

I want Stan to be a little bot bitch and ban minder. He's going to crack like a fucking egg, lol !!!!

I want their names inside of everybody mouths.

I want people to exchange their phone numbers, addresses, and social media links instead of mine.

It’ll be like Christmas for azzuma and johnny once they realize they can get back in and fuck with you all god damned day and night. I might even help them fuck with you!

I want you to reconsider a walk in the park or visiting a friend or going about your day to day lives (if you even have one) because you have to go engage in this battle instead. 

You've both wanted this so fucking bad for the last fifteen years ...

You want it so badly you'd threaten to beat up or kill a faggot with AIDS in order to get it ...

Just... uh... pretend you won Stan and Janis.

Pretend the cops came and hauled me off in a paddywaggon for Crimes against NA.

Pretend I overdosed and died, like Stan and John gloated about.

Pretend the AIDS got me like Phil and Scooter and Shiloh and Stan have all laughed about.

Pretend I stepped off some plane in Connecticut and you beat my ass or killed me.

Out of all of the vindictive, evil, nasty, horrible, awful things one might do to get even with you, I've decided that running nachatroom.org is ... well, pretty much the most vindictive, evil, and nasty thing that anyone could possibly do to you!

Hop up on the throne of my Kingdom of Shit and enjoy the view from the top of the scratching post!

I’m going to take a little retreat somewhere desolate and far away without my laptop or cellphone. I’ll take a little Verizon burner phone that nobody has the number to. Apologies in advance to any stepper dickheads polluting my timeline, inbox, text messages, or social media feeds but I’ll have to review your efforts to manipulate or control me whenever I get back home!

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Is she crazy or is she an alcoholic?

I attended enough of those classes to know that like, um... statistically... about 60% of us are probably both. 

More like 80%+ with an exceptionally poor prognosis if you add a personality disorder to the mix.

They wish we’d all go away or overdose or die so they don’t have to admit that their junk pseudoscience and their even worse pseudospirituality is generally unhelpful horseshit when it comes to treating a pseudodisorder.

You know what “success” looks like in AA? Committing suicide with twenty years sober.

You see that all the time.

There should be more stories about that in the back of the Big Book and the Basic Text.

I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness so I have already had plenty of exposure to glassy eyed brainwashed fuckwits jibber jabbing about “The Truth,” and y’all are no different.

Lovebomb the newcomer and pile their arms up with tracts and books, millions of dollars in literature sales and six figure salaries are at stake here.

Shun or threaten anyone who doesn’t conform to your behavioral expectations.

Oldest cult tactic in the book.

At least no one’s dying if the Witnesses shun them.

Speaking of the prevalence of serious and unmitigated personality disorders in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous:

Okay, sure. Those recorded voicemail messages from Stan that came from (609) 287-4380 totally weren’t him, got it. 👍🏻

He seems to have texted my number enough for someone who doesn't have it:

Oh, would you look at that ... another lie. Stan said he didn't have a copy of the JFT_BOT, but elsewhere in my blog, Strawberry aka Bill said he was given a copy of it to examine for exploits.

And I can confirm that because he found one.

Stan and Shiloh sure as fuck seemed to have my phone number when they repeatedly posted it:

Your other mods (i.e. Paul) sure seem to like bragging about having my addresses and claiming that you've had discussions about sending people to "explain to me" whenever it suits you to do so, i.e. you want to threaten or intimidate or dox me.

If your owner leaves voicemails like that about me, "Stan doesn't even have your phone number. It's not him."

But if you want me scared, you assholes know every motherfucking address and phone number I've had for the last twelve years:

Fuck Paul.

First of all the guy's higher than a fucking Georgia pine on crack right now. Second of all, he admits that he was having discussions like this (and I know that he was) and yet he wonders why I might email him and say "Get rekt, asshole. No one's confirming your registration" when he tried to create an account on my website.

You dumb two faced fuck: I already know everything about you.

Susie already sent me screen captures of their Facebook conversation leading up to where she blocked him.

He was as fucked up as a lab rat and coming on to her, now he's disparaging her the way he is.

Gaslighting, lying, fascist twelve steppers can all go to Hell.

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A Day 1 Activation might go something like this

I received permission to write about this. 

The story is better than this, but the only person whose whole process I am at liberty to put out there on this page is my own.


She came into the room with the name “oxygen waster.”

I shouldn’t have laughed at it.

Because she kind of meant business.

But I did laugh.

I saw other people do the same thing: 


She was confused: Why is that so god damned funny to everyone? 

Because we’ve all felt like that before.

She explained that she got it from a band.

Not everyone comes back.

But she came back.

And then she came back again.

It only took a couple of days before the chat robot offered another animal in the hunting game.

Somebody typed !axe

I don’t even know what the bot says anymore. Something like: “Whoop whoop! [your] hatchet swings right and left, [you] have massacred a [$animal]. This juggalo killer has smoked X animals.”

The new arrival has a question: “wait, which one of you is the juggalo?”

The near 40-year-old with a hatchet girl tattoo who wrote the website with the aforementioned juggalo Easter egg.



And when she said we made her cry and want to live,

I cried too.

Maybe other people leave this place with hope,

But I’m not usually one of them.

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Day 1 Activation

I had a dream we were going to build another website again for some reason.

And you were there,
And you were there,
And (you) were there.

Excitedly, we raced around town in a sedan from one member’s door to another to whisper the news and get them into the car.

I began to reload a Linux operating system on a system and I watched the dots flash across the screen ....................................

We hurried off to Ashlyn’s house.

She wasn’t home.

Well, we’d better not tell her now anyway,

She might not understand or support this.

(Okay, let’s go.)

There are already seven of us ready.

Isn’t that enough?

(Why yes, I reckon that it is.)

Is she on board?

(Uh-huh. She’s using a new nickname and pretending she’s new.)

Is he on board?

(Uh-huh. Him too.)

What about her?

(No. She’s already on another site.)

What’s her excuse? I’m on about five of them that I cycle through all day long.

Things were going so well, I turned to one of them and said “You’ve never been here to see a day one activation, have you?”

She got really quiet.

I went back upstairs to resume my work.

Two of the others came upstairs looking for me and they seemed quite alarmed.

(“Day one activation.”)

(Why did he say that?)

(How does he know what that is?)

“You need to go to the hospital right now.”


“Our movements have torn a hole through you.”


“Go downstairs. Right Now. We’re not kidding, we called an ambulance and they’re on the way. You have to go.”

(I was confused but I agreed.)

I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw the flashing lights outside of the front door.

(I opened the door.)

“Is this him?”

(Hm, I don’t feel so good. I held on to my stomach.)

I noticed the trail of blood and I blacked out.

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"I own the name with the government."

Janis Marano is under the belief that since she incorporated "NACHAT LLC" in the State of New Jersey, she now "owns the name with the government" and "can sue" us and close the other room.

I don't even know where to begin with this evil psychotic hag and her sundry fucking delusions and false beliefs -- dear god, that would be a full time job -- but I will take a stab at this particular one.


Just to prove a point, I've obtained the following determination from the US Patent Office.

Go fuck yourself for a dime bag, "VaJanis" :

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