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Online meetings are held every day at 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST.

EU visitors: Meetings at 7pm/12am GMT

You can also type !nextmeeting into the chat to see how many hours until our next meeting.

All Links open in new windows so as to not interrupt chat.

NACHATROOM.NET - All are welcome, but not all behaviors.

We allow near-instantaneous and anonymous access to our chatroom with no registration required. By group conscience if you are disruptive or disrespectful you may be silenced or banned at a moderator's discretion.

If a moderator asks you to change the topic or lose the attitude, please do so.

No observation or surveillance allowed.

Students, professionals, etc: We commend you for pursuing studies or a career in helping people. This chat room is for addicts or people who think they have a problem with drugs only.

Be kind.

Be kind. If you can't be kind, at least be civil.

Speak from the "I."

At a face-to-face (brick and mortar) meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, our first-time visitors have already decided that they may have a drug problem, want to know if NA can help, and they've already taken that critical first step to find and attend one of our meetings!

NACHATROOM.NET's first-time visitors may not be at such an "action step" yet. They might not fully recognize they have a problem, they may still blame others for their problem, maybe they're thinking about getting help "someday," or they may just seek to reduce their drug use or "cut out one substance."

Please refrain from telling others what they should or must do. Share your own experiences with struggling to accept your problem, with your attempts to moderate or substitute, and why you have settled on abstinence and/or the program of Narcotics Anonymous. It's better to phrase your advice in terms of your own story, talking about what worked for you.

We'd very much like to encourage people to move on to an "action step" and encourage giving NA a try but we're not here to argue or beg people to go to NA meetings.

Bad: "You should do X"

Good: "When I was in your situation, I did X, and here is how it worked out for me..."

Medical Advice/Medications

This website focuses ONLY on the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous as laid out in the NA Basic Text. NA is an abstinence-based program, teaching us that we need to abstain from ALL drugs in order to recover.

Discussion about "tapering" or "sub" drugs or other medications to deter drug/alcohol use are simply not a part of the NA program and do not belong here.

Why am I banned?

Please Google for "what is my IP address?" and email with that and whatever nickname you used.

Serious talk vs Chit Chat

Conversation in the IRC channel is not always about not addiction and recovery. Playing around & having fun is commonplace but helping others comes first. If you need to talk about something serious, speak up or type !help. If you're in the channel having fun and someone asks to talk about something serious, please be courteous and put the joking on hold.

That said, do recognize that cross-conversations in IRC are the norm. It's the nature of the beast. Don't be offended if others are engaging in a separate conversation while you're speaking.

NACHATROOM.NET - Chatroom Rules

  • Our 3rd Tradition states that "the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using." If you're not sure you're an addict (or have a desire) but you think your life would be better if you stopped using drugs, you're probably in the right place. !desire

  • During our 2-3 daily scheduled NA meetings (when "meetingchair" is present) it's customary to not "cross talk," comment, or give advice after someone "shares" Our scheduled meetings are a judgement and confrontation-free zone. !crosstalk

  • No "sourcing" drugs, do not ask for a drug dealer, ask for drugs, or offer drugs. You will be immediately banned without warning. !sourcing

  • NACHATROOM.NET does not sign court slips or verify attendance. Since everyone connects anonymously, we cannot confirm or deny that you were actually the person chatting here. !court

  • Do not ask other members to loan or gift you money or solicit them as clients for professional services. !predatory

  • No abusive behavior. This includes threats, personal insults, hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, encouraging suicide, promoting drinking or using over recovery, and other matters inappropriate for a recovery forum. !abuse

  • Group members who "unmask" or "out" other members and/or air personal vendettas or attacks on social media sites (i.e. Facebook) will be permanently banned.

  • We consider the following topics controversial and we will change the subject if they come up: Politics, Religion, "sub drugs," "taking medications as prescribed," and "AA vs. NA." !controversy

  • Please safeguard your anonymity! Be careful disclosing your identity or full name. Not everyone here is working the 12 steps or understands/respects your anonymity. !realname

  • We strive to create a helpful and safe environment. NACHATROOM.NET is most helpful when all community members have a chance to weigh in. NACHATROOM.NET is safest when all communications are done out in the open. !pm

  • Be friendly with your friends. We allow profanity, just do not direct it at other members (including our service team) in an abusive manner. !abuse

  • If a newcomer mentions a drug name in the context of explaining what they're going through and how we can help, let it go, but steer the conversation away from using and drugs, to the solution and "what you are going to do about your drug problem and how we can help." We will only ask you to stop naming drugs once. After that we will warn, kick, and ban. !drugname

  • Regular members "who ought to know better" are to avoid discussing drug names. Glorfiying drug use or bragging about how fucked up you are is NEVER okay here.

  • No surveys or professionals/providers looking for input "from addicts." We don't want to see your awesome web site or whatever article you wrote. This is a support group. People do not like to be poked at and prodded while they're in their support group. !industry

  • This is not a dating/hookup site. Don't age/sex/location us, beg for members of the opposite sex to PM you. You will only get one warning. !hookups

    Any two or three addicts gathered together may call themselves an N.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. This website is not endorsed by any Narcotics Anonymous entity other than NACHATROOM.NET.