There's an infamous story of the Middtleton Group, which had adopted 61 rules and regulations. When the inevitable boiler incident finally happened and the goddamned thing exploded in the basement, a member left a little card that said "Rule 62: Don't take yourself too damn seriously."

That said, "Be friendly to other people."

We do not discuss drug use, ways and means of using, or give advice on tapering, "do I have a medical emergency" , dosage, overdosage, etc. If you have questions about using drugs, please go to or , and come back here when you want to talk about NOT using drugs. Those websites have their own volunteers who dedicate their free time and energy to such questions. Please respect the fact that this is not why this partcular website exists.

We can help you find a meeting. We can listen to your story and hold it in our hands with you. But other than that we can't give advice, we can only tell you what works for us.

We dont sign court cards. The chat is for addicts or people who think they may have a problem. Self-identified students and professionals will be banned.

ALL LINKS SHARED need to be recovery-related, or PG-13 musical content from Youtube ONLY. No self promotion, no other links are allowed in the chat.

If a moderator says you need to change the subject or stop doing something, please follow their instructions. We have been doing this for 14 years and continually aim to figure out what works and what doesn't. Please stick around for awhile before you start criticizing everyone and everything.

Anyone can chair meetings or be a moderator. If you think we're doing a bad job here, please be of service. Welcome our visitors. Chair meetings. Etc. That would be a lot more helpful than insulting or tearing down the people who volunteer to do these things every day.

If you have a bad experience here, please do not give up on NA or on recovery. Please find a meeting in your community and give that a try. We do not represent NA, we're just a website with other addicts who stopped using and found a new way to live.

We will try to be as compassionate as possible. We let a lot of things slide. So again, please refocus and redirect if a moderator asks you to dial the discussion back down.

We have zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, sexual and financial predators.

Moderators are unpaid volunteers, they are here to interrupt and refocus if the discussion gets out of hand. Some of them are more likely to ban you if you mouth off to them than others, and if you do that, you're going to need to talk to that moderator and get right with them. The admins aren't going to intervene.

We want a large thriving group. We need you here. However, this is the internet and we would like to remind you that while all are welcome, not all behaviors are welcome.

If you fuck up and get banned, contact -- Saying "I'm sorry, I won't do that again" helps. That inbox is answered by Robin and Robert.

Robert will write some better / more refined rules and make it all pretty some other sunny day.