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New NA Meeting Search App! Find a local meeting:


Online meetings are held every day at 3:00pm and 8:00pm EST.

EU visitors: Meetings at 7pm/12am GMT

You can also type !nextmeeting into the chat to see how many hours until our next meeting.

All Links open in new windows so as to not interrupt chat.

NACHATROOM.NET - Other Ways to Connect to Chat

Help! Why am I banned?

We've added a third party blacklist that generally disallows VPN, Tor Exit Nodes, and known open proxies. We realize that censorship or life endangerment is a concern in some parts of the world, and "proxies can be used for good purposes," but here they're mostly used to relentlessly "troll" the chatroom. We do not allow these services in cases where we are able to detect them.

If you are using such a service, you will receive an error that your IP address had a 100% blacklist score on

If you're on a cellphone, tablet, or data card and you get an error that you're banned, please try coming in on WiFi and/or e-mail us. We only ban cellular providers as a last resort (temporarily) when someone is relentlessly trolling the room and all other efforts to stop it have failed.

Please be friendly with your new friends.

Currently: "Sky Broadband," "Orange PCS," and "EEE" (UK residents) are banned and we have to do something special to let you in.

If someone is trolling or harassing everyone please -- type !REPORT NICKNAME

That will page/text the moderators on duty even if we aren't watching the room.

SSL was enabled on effective July 7, 2016. All visitors are redirected to and you will now see the "lock" icon in your browser/status window. If you are using an IRC client, be sure you use port +6697 and enable any checkboxes for SSL. The non-secure IRC port (6667) will be disabled effective January 1, 2017.


If you want to use the password "october" and your email is, then type the following:

/msg nickserv register october


/msg nickserv identify october

Desktop users

Do you keep getting disconnected by using your backspace key? In Firefox, you can download a plugin/addon called "DisableBackspaceNavigation" to stop that from happening anymore. Go to Tools -> Add-Ons and search for it.

Mobile users

I regret to announce that we've closed the website to new signups for IRCCloud due to it being abused. :(

Mobile users can connect using native IRC apps such as Colloquy (Apple) or Andchat (Android). The problem with most Apple apps is that they will disconnect you after 10 minutes of inactivity and cause you to join/rejoin the room constantly.That's a problem with Apple, not our room.

If you are using a tablet or iDevice and stuck in a loop of joining/rejoining the room every 60 seconds we may have to temporarily ban you because that is very disruptive to chat.

To connect to NACHATROOM.NET with a third party IRC client (mIRC, xChat, BitchX, ircii, etc) use the following settings:


PORT: 6697 (secure/encrypted)

* NON-ENCRYPTED PORT 6667 to be decommissioned 1/1/2017.

/JOIN US IN #nachatroom





Any two or three addicts gathered together may call themselves an N.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. This website is not endorsed by any Narcotics Anonymous entity other than NACHATROOM.NET.